Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 26, 2008

Fall Project #3

Charlie’s New Halloween ABC Memory Game

My mom got me these wooden tiles to make Scrabble Pendants, but they were chintzy (is that a real word?).  So, I decided that since there were 2 of each letter, I would make Charlie a memory game with them (I hate for anything to go to waste).  So I modge podged scrapbook paper on the back of the letters -and voila – Cute Letter Tiles! Now, if I could only find time to use them!!!



  1. He can bring them to MawMaw’s house and we’ll practice. Because when Charlie is here, life as we all know it…..stops. It’s just his little world and we are here for his entertainment!!!

  2. This comment is from a ghost writer for Dan Parmer…. 🙂
    We love Charlie’s crafts. Got the blog up and running. sort of anyway.

  3. that was such a great idea Katie!! Y’all will have fun with these.

  4. What an Awesome Idea, I must do that for

  5. I agree totally with Mom’s comments above…. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LITTLE MAN!
    PS. that took a lot for me to say that.

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