Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 22, 2008

What was I thinking??

10 years was a long time ago!  When I ran for Class President, I promised to plan a fabulous 10 year reunion.  UGH!  Now, I am a million miles from the person I was in High School planning a reunion for a group of people who seem very unappreciative.   If it wasn’t for being in charge, I sure wouldn’t be there.  Isn’t that bad??   And — we have no money.  Our lovely class sponsor rolled all our hard earned money into the class of 2000’s account – WHAT???  So good times, right???

Just a little vent on the price we pay!



  1. Are you serious? I say we steel it back! I’m with you girl. We’ve moved so far past high school it isn’t funny. I’m here for any help you need planning this thing girl. Just let me know what you need.

  2. Y’all could do something like Brookwood did for last year’s class, they did a family cookout at a park where you could bring the kids and they charged for the food and pavillion and then they did an actual reunion at a hotel for those that wanted to come, and it was like $60 a person, but they collected enough to cover the room and food at the hotel. It seems there would be some way to get that money back or get some money for it somehow! Good luck planning. I am sure they will be very appreciative when it’s all said and done. That is a big task!!

  3. Oh Katie – that really stinks!!!!! Well atleast you are working on it – Our wonderful Class president did NOTHING!!! We did not have a reunion- I guess we will be on of those strange classes that has a 14 1/2 year reunion!!!

  4. Can’t believe they won’t give you any money. Very weird that they can actually do that. So who have you talked to from high school that seems unappreciative? I’m curious what these people that we knew ten years ago have been up to for all this time. Hopefully we won’t be back in Hawaii next May so I can come to the reunion. Looks like we find out after Christmas where we’re headed next.

  5. I believe they gave your money to the best class to go thru DCHS! Class of 2001!

  6. Katie- I was in charge of our class reunion which I soon found out I was pregnant with Bo right after we set the date- so I was looking lovely at 37 weeks pregnant that night! Joy! ANyway, I (who did virtually all the planning!) used a company out of Atlanta who basically does everything for you and you don’t have to pay a deposit or anything- everyone just pays for their tickets- it was great b/c we didn’t have any $ from our class acct. from HS (or if we did I didn’t know about it!) and we didn’t have to put down any of our own money hoping people would come and we’d get reimbursed. I think it was called Celebrations Reunions- look them up on the web!

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