Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 17, 2008

Have you hugged your minister today??

Did you know October is Clergy Appreciation Month?

If so, have you honored them in any way?

This is not a plea for recognition for my sweet husband, but just a reminder.  I know firsthand how hard ministers work, how many hours they put in a week, how many burdens they carry on their shoulders as they take them off yours.  Just like with every career, people are quicker to criticize than to say thank you.  I want to encourage you to minister to at least one minister at your church this month.

I have a dear friend who is married to a miniser.  Their church goes all out for the month.  Their family receives some kind of blessing everyday from members of their church.  What a great idea!  The neatest thing she said about it is the motivation and encouragement they get throughout the year from the kind gestures shown just annually. 

I work with an AMAZING group of girls monthly called the Secret Service.  They do “secret” acts of Chritian kindness.  Every year we write our church staff as part of October plans.  One of the ministers told me yesterday just how much it meant to him.  He said it was the only encouragement note he got all year- OUCH! 

A note would be nice, a gift would be more than they could imagine, but your prayers will sustain them.  I think we all could do at least a note and prayer!  And don’t forget to honor more than just the Senior Pastor of your church.  You don’t have to do them all (I’m sure some of you go to some big churchs), but select the ones that directly impact your family or maybe one you think people might not notice (usually they are the ones working the hardest)! 

Some ideas thanks to Google Images . . .

(my favorite – it shows you care and gets your children involved)

Click here for More Ideas



  1. thanks for this post! asah got some sweet cards from the kids at church. my favorite was one that had a little pebble glued to the front.
    inside it said, “you’re no pebble, Asah, you ROCK!”
    cute cute.
    happy pastor appreciation month!

  2. Thank you Katie for the reminder! And I need to get more info from you about the “Secret Service” I would love to get something like that started at HBC!!!

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