Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 12, 2008

Frizzy gets his groove on!

We are pet sitting my parents’ dog, Frizzy!  He is the sweetest dog ever! Bless his heart he is OLD and SMELLY!  My mom is looking into nursing homes for him!!!  Anyways, M & D are in Denver so Frizzy is with us until next weekend! 

He has always loved cats.  He terrorized Rascal (my sweet childhood kitty), loved Berto from down the street, you get the idea! Well he isn’t to sure of our OUTSIDE cats!  He acts all big and bad around them and well – just watch the video – You will laugh so hard!

Here is another video – I am on my cell phone with Mother telling her how hysterical it is – You will enjoy my narration for sure!!!


This is for Frizzy’s Fans EVERYWHERE!  To know him is to love him! Get it old man!



  1. Poor ole Frizzy! I can smell him from here.

  2. Frizzy still has fire in his soul. It is just burning sort of dimly!! You CAN keep him, you know?
    mom & dad

  3. Just for the record that was my dog chasing that cat! Way to go Fre-Free

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