Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 11, 2008

Homecoming ’08

WAY Too Much time in the car!

So Many Good Friends!

Such Yummy Whitefords!

All and All a Great DAY!

Some of the Gang with Spouses, A Fiance, and 2 Precious “Blue Hose”s in Training!

Lovely Ladies

Did I mention it was a beautiful (but hot) day?

Heidi and I have lots of great memories from the 2 short years she was at PC. When we visited Springs Campus Center we were sad to see that the pool was gone!  (hehe)

On,  On Blue Hose to Victory

Garnet and Blue

Oh, We’re for you in everything you do


Spirits are high!

Never say Die!

For if we win or if we lose,

We will love you ??? (I forgot – somebody help me)

Go Blue! Get um’ ????  (again, I forgot)





  1. We will love you PC Blues…
    Go HOSE, Get um’ BLUE!

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