Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 10, 2008

What Charlie has been up to!

2 and a half year olds are the BEST!!

  • He told me tonight he needed a ladder to reach the moon!  He wanted to know if we had one at home!
  • Last night after church we were headed to Jim Bobs and Chad wanted to know if Charlie wanted a “s-p-r-i-t-e” for dinner.  I said no, he did not need one.  However, smarty pants from the back seat said – “I want a Sprite”.  How in the world did he know?? 
  • On the way to dinner, we stopped and talked to a friend, Chad said, “Chris is such a cool guy” and Charlie from the backseat said, “Chris is such a cool guy LIKE ME.”
  • After Bible Study yesterday morning, I was asking Bell about what he learned.  He had made a cross, so I asked him who died on the cross for him.  He paused and said – —“maybe Jesus?”  He then goes on to tell me that Granddaddy Earl died to but he is alright now.  I couldn’t agree more!!!!
  • At Bible Study, his teachers told me that they asked the week before what book they were studying and he said “Hebrews”.  He is the youngest one!!  I was so proud of him!!!
  • He tells me that we are best friends (with Daddy too)!
  • After having a crying spell/fit, he always tells me he is “Sorry for crying”.
  • He wore big boy pants tonight and stayed dry for several hours . . .  until we took our walk.  Poor buddy was wet the whole way home. 
  • “oh pickles” – We don’t know where this comes from, but it is so funny!
  • His favorite Bible Story is “Jonah”
  • When he gets a booboo he wants MawMaw to kiss it.  Too bad she is Denver
  • “Roll Tide, Go Jackets, and War Eagles”  are Bad Words at our house – just ask Charlie
  • He cries everytime we go to our church when he goes into his class.  He only cries 1 minute, but it still breaks my heart.  He never cries for Explorers!
  • He is very interested in Girls and Boys.  He tells me everyday I am a lady and Daddy is a man.  So fun.  He says he is a “little boy”

I realize this list is random, but consider it a list for me to remember just how special these days are!!



  1. War Eagle is a BAD word?!?!?! I’ve never heard such a preposterous thing. hahahaha I loved your list! I need to do this more often because you forget the cute little things that they do. LOVE IT!

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