Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 10, 2008

I’ve been tagged!

So fun! This is my first time to be tagged for a Blog. My sweet friend from college tagged me.  Dorothy says I am to list 6 uninteresting things about me- So here it goes!

6 Uninteresting Facts About Me

1.  I refused all sweets until I went off to college!  I prefered fruit.  Weird, huh?  Especially if you consider I am addicted now:)

2.  I love the colors pink and green!

3.  I dream of the days of old, where people lived a slower, simpler life (and had picket fences)!

4.  I watch Crossing Jordan almost everyday while Bell naps.  I rarely just sit and watch it. I usually do chores – that is how I justify it!!

5.  I’m no Martha Stewart, but I love to entertain and have people come to our home!

6.  I’m big into numbers.  I love the time 11:11 (one of the reasons I am so excited about our new service!).  Yesterday was cool numerically:  10/09/08 at 07:06 – I was asleep then, but if I had been awake that would have been too cool! 

So fun to tag friends ( I know I am a dork)!  No pressure:)

I tag Stephanie (because I know she has already done it), Annie, Meredith, Nancy, Sally, and Allison

Happy Blogging!




  1. Im so glad you tagged me!!! Now I have a great reason to start my blog up again….I am also waiting on you Mrs. Parmer, to start your blog (pass that one on to your mama:)

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