Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 3, 2008

Recently . . .

Recently Asked Questions/ Comments . . .

1.  “Your child needs a little sister/brother.”,   “Isn’t it time y’all had another one?”,  “Have y’all thought about having another baby?”,  “He’s 2 and a half, why it’s high time y’all gave him a sibling so he won’t be rotten!”,  “If y’all want a house full, it’s about time y’all get started.” . . . .

I’m sure if you are young and married you are asked constantly a question about having a baby!  We are no exception.  Funny I never thought that much about it – until the last year and a half when things that seem to come so easily to so many has become a challenge for our family!  I am learning so much in our present challenge and am confident that the Lord has more children to add to our family.  I just don’t know when or by what means!  I am learning to be thankful daily for what I have been blessed with and for what I have not (ouch)!  I sure have learned to never ask or comment on someone’s family size unless wording it in a pure question (Do y’all plan to have another child/more children?)  Anytime we get the above questions/comments – I just smile and sometimes say something about God’s timing, but most of time I just smile.  I sure don’t want to make them uncomfortable.  I remember the night of our miscarriage my sweet in-laws took me to dinner in the neighboring town (I sure didn’t want to see anyone I knew) while Chad preached (and I sure wasn’t ready for the church crowd).  The first person we saw when we walked in the restaurant commented on how cute Charlie was and that he needed a little sister.  An absolutely harmless comment (and one I totally agree with), but it took all I had to smile and not cry! 

2.  “Are you pregnant yet?”,  “Do you have something you need to tell me (wink, wink)?” . . .

Let me set the record straight, no, we are not pregnant – – yet!  Yes, I look a little rounder (I’m working on it – I just love to eat)  Yes, all the new styles look like maternity clothes, but that is all that is out there!  Yes, Chad and I are secretive about our pregnancies. Our goal is to share the news once we are confident it is good news.  We have talked about it and will tell our parents when we get pregnant the next time and will share with others sometime during the first trimester.  At least that is the plan!  Maybe we will share adoption news first, who knows?  I guess one thing is for sure, we’ll keep you on your toes!!!



  1. Hey Katie – I completely understand what you are going through!! Lance and I have been married almost five years, so we got that question ALL of the time, and it is hard when you are trying and God’s timing is just not with your timing. The constant questions bring a flood of emotions everytime. This was a huge trial for us, wanting something so bad that you have dreamed about forever. This trial was one of the best things we went through. We came together as a couple and grew closer to the Lord and eachother. We really learned to rely on our faith and prayer. I always used to ask why, but now I see this was just one trial out of many that we will go through together. As I looked around, I noticed that everyone has trials, and that is what makes us all stronger. Life is not easy! Lance and I will continue to pray for you and Chad! I know God has a PERFECT plan for your family.

  2. ….when there are no words….
    I love you.

  3. I think you look great!! I had a funny “are you pregnant moment” today (and no I’m not!!) my picture was in the Douglas Neighbor and I had my hip sticking out and I totally looked about 4 mos pregnant- so I am totally with you on the healthy eating thing. As you said, things will work out according to His plan, and only that. You look great and keep smiling!!!!

  4. I know that God has the Perfect plan for the Cottle Family!!! I love you guys!

  5. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11……………………praying so hard for God’s plan to be revealed to you.

    Love you

  6. Hey Katie I wish I looked pregnant like you!!! HAHA!! Just remember all those silly (ok stupid – but that is the s word) people when you open your mouth at the wrong time. You are gorgeous and as you know I am a Katie Cottle Fan ALL THE WAY!! The other side of that is that line when you are on your 3rd or 4th Preganacy and they say “Have’t you figured out what cause that?” People say the dumbest things!

    Funny thing about getting pregnant – I had a hard time getting pregnant, but I bet you couldn’t tell by all the kids I have at my house. I know where you are SISTER. Waiting on GOD”S AWESOME PLAN can sometimes be tuff!!

    Enough said – If you look round, OH MY GOSH, I must really look HEFTY!! And I am all for Comfy Clothes!! You hang in there you awesome WOMAN KATIE COTTLE!!! You are one of my HEROS!

  7. We love y’all!

  8. preach it sister…i am right there with you. i had two people ask me already this morning. i always say “we are doing all we can” and smile. usually that ends our conversation:) i will definitely put ya’lls fam plans on my prayer list. thanks for being transparent!

  9. Oh, the times I’ve heard these same comments in the past week, only to nervously smile, trying to come up with words… My answer, as is our experience, is “in God’s time”. I struggled so when I first found out I was pregnant with Saralynn because we were not trying. I was still on the pill, no job, just moved in with my parents, and found out I was pregnant all within about two weeks. I almost felt a little guilty- probably hormones- but, I had watched a bridesmaid and her husband lose a baby just months before. So, the thoughts rushed me- “Why us? When we weren’t trying? Why not other people? Who are trying?” The answer, which I can hear as plainly now as when I asked the question- “Because I said so. I AM GOD, and I say when, and when not. I have a plan for you, and I have a plan for the others you asked about. Just trust.” So, we did, embarking on the journey that made 3 Pelts out of 2.

    Hang in there, Precious Friend. The plan is there, and is being carried out, even now. We don’t have the road map, but thankfully, we aren’t driving, so all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Mary Beth

  10. See what blessings HE sent—in HIS time!

  11. Katie, I just want you to know that Neal and I are Praying for you and Chad . I’m sure that God will bless you with more precious children. You are both such wonderful parents.

    Tell Charlie that Uncle Neal and Aunt Gail said that we love him.

    Thoughts and Prayers,

  12. I just read your most previous post and had to come back to read this one. I did the math real quick and I bet you were pregnant when you wrote this and maybe didn’t even know it. Isn’t it great how God works. Congrats. I know what a blessing he/she already is to you.

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