Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 27, 2008

You got me Chad!

Thursday night Chad successully threw me a surprise dinner for my birthday!  You can tell by the looks of Bell and I that we had no idea we would be seeing anyone we knew!!!  I thankfully had had a shower (although I debated skipping one for the day) and had swiped on a touch of makeup, but that was as much as I had done to myself. Bell had requested to wear a dinosaur tshirt and his Crocs (actually knock offs -Gat’rs????)! 

Anyways, we drove to Dville when Chad got off work Thursday because we were taking Bell to the Zoo for the first time Friday morning and my parents live much closer than we do!  We were just going to meet my g’ma (G.G. Dolly) for dinner since my mom can’t cook since her wrist surgery.  I walk in the door to Provinos and  . . .

I see Heidi and Ryan and think – What are they doing here?  They live out of town.

Then I see . . .

(Our dearest friends, the Smiths, from our old church)

And I figure it out!!  (Brilliant, I know!)

Over the course of dinner, we had even more surprises!

Erin and Vince

Precious Baby Ava (getting some sugar from Bell)

Annie, me, and Erin

Charlie and Ella blew out the candles!! 

AND BECAUSE I LOVE YOU – I will show this last picture to show just how ROUGH I looked! (but I did have on my cute new Scrabble Pendant though:)

Doesn’t Chad look so handsome???

G.G. Dolly, “Aunt Martha”, and “Aunt Gail” all came too!! 

This was a fabulous surprise!  It meant so much to me to see so many dear friends.  Heidi and Ryan had come straight from the beach on their way home to Hoschton.  Vince, Erin, and Ava were just in town for the night on their way to Athens.  Annie stopped by on her way home from Soccer Practice.   Who would have thought that I could have had so many special people there for one night when everyone is so busy, out of town, and of course, battling the GAS CRISIS!!!

Thanks Dear Friends and Family for a GREAT Surprise!!!    Chad, You did good!!!



  1. Happy Birthday! Funny enough, I was just thinking yesterday that your birthday is coming up – how I remember Lord knows!!! Have a great day and tell Erin congrats from me – her daughter is precious!!

  2. Katie –
    That was sweet of Chad, it looks like you had a fun birthday! 🙂
    Gail was telling me she could not get our website link from yours, anyways, I noticed why. The address is
    I think you were just missing the cone part. 🙂

  3. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything! So fun celebrating your birthday together, we don’t often get to do that!! See you Friday! Have a super day tomorrow!! Love you.

  4. HAPPY B DAY one more time!!!!! I hope you had the greatest. We miss you guys so much and I am so glad I got to stop by…wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Besides, next to me you look like a gorgeous (you always do). It doesn’t get much worse than the purple and neon green combo I had goin on. Gotta love soccer…not to great for a fasion statement:) Anyway, we love you girl and hopefully we will get you guys over soon.

  5. I am so glad we were able to get together for your birthday! Its so great that we actually got to see you 3 times last week!!!

    And look how stinkin cute my boys are!!!! :o)

  6. Katie, hey! Somehow I got here the other day and just wanted to tell you that I’ve really enjoyed seeing pics and reading a little about your family! Such a cute one, you guys are! Hope things continue to go well with you all!
    Frances (Ladd) Lightcap

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