Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 23, 2008

One Reason I love Facebook

A friend from our old church posted this picture on Facebook the other day!  It’s from Disciple Now ’06.  It was taken the Saturday night before Charlie was born on Tuesday — surprise — 3 weeks early!!! 

I was so excited to see this picture because it was the last picture pre Charlie! 

Note:  If you are a youth – do NOT get any ideas! 

They used professional grade saran wrap and did a job on our car!  They also broke into Chad’s office and aluminum foiled it!  

What a great send off!!!!  We sure do miss our days and friends at HBC!



  1. What fun memories! You looked so beautiful. I cannot even remember you being “that pregnant!” You can probably thank the youth for pushing you into early labor. 🙂

  2. Look at you – you are so stinkin cute!!!!! That was close to the time yall broke the news to us that you were leaving :o( We miss you so much but are so excited to see the work that God is doing in you both –

  3. katie i had that same maternity shirt!
    we are kindred spirits!
    and you looked awesome!

  4. If I was that cute a couple of days before either of my children – I would stay pregnant more often. You are adorable!

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