Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 17, 2008

Dog Spotting . . .

I spotted 2 black dogs content in their yards on my way to bible study today! 

Surely one of them was the one I hit – I am going to tell myself that he is alive and well! 



  1. Katie, the English language is so much fun. At first when I read your blog, I thought it said you saw black dog contents (as in the entails of dogs…) I am so glad they were content and not the contents of dogs!!

  2. Katie,
    Your mom is so funny. I have pictured that dog poop or guts sitting in somebody’s yard since I read this yesterday. I didn’t see you last night at church to ask you about it. I am glad your mom posted this to know the dogs were “satisfied” sitting in the yard, so I can stop picturing the dog poop. Too funny!

  3. Oh my sweet mother — the consumate grammar teacher!! I must be such a disappointment:)

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