Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 10, 2008

Vacation Day 1

We arrived at PCB Sunday night!  To say we were ready to be out of the car – was an understatement!  Charlie has stayed consistent on his dislike of being restrained in the carseat!!!  Anyways, we are having a great time with the Cottles.  I am a day behind, but here are pictures from the first day!  We spent the morning at the beach.  Then Chad was a dear and stayed with Bell during his nap and I got to lay out!  We ate supper at Captain Andersons – my favorite!!  Charlie and I shared the Red Snapper – yum!  We ended the evening at Wal Mart!



  1. I am jealous! Have a GREAT time and I look forward to living through your trip to the beach! Will miss you tonight.

  2. looks like a fun trip! charlie looks precious in his outfit with that dark hair……… and chad do not look too bad yourselves!:) We will miss you guys at church tonight………tell charlie that isabelle and grayson say hello!

  3. Yall are one great looking, fun-loving group! We miss yall here.

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