Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 6, 2008

His Hand

5 years ago he wasn’t even on my radar screen. 

4 years ago yesterday he took my hand and promised his life and heart to me.

Last night we went to dinner to celebrate 4 years of marriage.  To be honest I didn’t feel like celebrating – this has been one busy week.  Charlie has been struggling to feel well thanks to strep throat last week and the yucky side efects to the antibiotic this week.  Chad is SWAMPED at church with the final installations going on for the 11:11 service, the 230 evacuees that called our church home until Thursday, and the regular day to day duties of a busy minister.  I have been busy getting ready for our upcoming week at the beach and  preparing for tonight’s girls ministry project, all on top of the normal craziness of your average housewife (AND – I haven’t mentioned that Charlie has only napped 2 times all week:(  Make that 3 – praise the Lord!!!!

Anyways – I digress – We did go to dinner and we did have a great time together and were able to enjoy some time for just the two of us (thanks AMY)! 

As we walked to the car after dinner, Chad grabbed my hand – and a flood of memories over these 4 short years washed over me —

His sweet hand has been there for the good and bad – and it is always cluching mine!  His hand has been linked to mine on long car drives, airplane rides, and romantic boat rides.  It has helped me up from a fall more times than I can count.  It held my hand as our little man entered the world.  His hand has been there to steady my nerves in large crowds; to lead me along rocky paths and tight passageways; and to offer a little squeeze to say I love you and I’m here for you.  His hand has been with mine when the doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat that sad day last November, when Charlie had his tubes put in, when we’ve anxiously awaited test results of loved ones, and buried those dear to our hearts.  I am forever grateful that our loving Father has given me such a good earthly hand to see me through this life.  Chad Cottle – I love you and am thankful we are sharing this journey called life together.  Looking forward to more memories (and hopefully lots more babies) . . .



  1. that was one of the sweetest things i have ever read!!! praying for more babies on your behalf!!! love you

  2. Katie- You are one of the sweetest ladies that I have ever met!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Pam Pruett

  3. That is just super sweet Katie! I about got all teary reading that! You are so lucky to have all the people in your life – congrats on 4 years!!

  4. I loved reading your blog! It is so sweet. I am a pastor’s wife, and a stay at home mom. Sometimes it is hard to really just to let go and enjoy our husbands with all the business that can surround us. It is great that God has put someone in your life to be your strong hold. My husband and I are going on 8 years. We also lost a baby, went through tubes, and even surgeries on an eye with our daughter. This blog hit home. Thanks for the reminder!!!!!

  5. How incredibly well written. And straight from the heart.
    Much love,

  6. How lucky you are to have eachother!! Congratulations on your 4yr anniversary and may you share many many many more years together!!!

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