Posted by: Katie Cottle | August 14, 2008

Chores with Charlie

Since Charlie is interested in helping around the house – I figure I better take advantage of his desire to help!  He helps me do laundry.  Here is how he helps:

1.  He dirties the clothes (this is strength in the process)

2.  I unload the washing machine and hand the clothes to Charlie who places them in the dryer!

3.  He helps me carry the clothes from the dryer to the Family Room where I fold them!

4.  He rolls in the warm towels too!

5.  Charlie takes a nap so I can iron all of our clothes weekly!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Charlie with the Laundry today . . .

Charlie with my panties (clean from the folded laundry on the floor) around his face – NICE!!!



  1. Can I borrow little Charlie for a week, he could help me with my laundry and I would take great care of him? I am glad he is so helpful around the house, even taking a nap so you can iron clothes! You have raised that boy right! 🙂

  2. the pic with Char and your panties is hysterical!!!!

  3. At least they are clean!

  4. Charlie helps with the laundry sort of like Frizzy does. Only Charlie doesn’t stink!!! (at least NOT all the time!!):)

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