Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 23, 2008

Cute Charlie Sayings

Charlie is talking up a storm these days.  I just wanted to share some of the cute things he has said recently.

On the topic of Best Friends

One Day:  “Holden is my best friend.”

Another Day:  Mommy is my best friend.”

I overheard him say (to himself I guess):  “Woody, Buzz, Gracie – Best Friends”


Not sure where he has learned knock knock jokes, but he had Corey laughing all weekend with them.

Then tonight at dinner, “Knock Knock Who Is There? Birdhouse”  I say, “Birdhouse who?”  His reply, “Yes Sir”  —- followed by lots of laughter!!!  I guess he got his joke telling skills from his mama!!!

Beware of Danger

I was organizing coupons in Charlie’s room while he was playing with puzzles this afternoon —-

He yells out, “No Mama”  – I turn to look (and get on to him) and he says, “Coupons are dangerous”  I am not sure what sparked it (probably the coupons in my lips I was sorting) but he was quite worried!

Charlie, Direct Descendant of Adam

Charlie is obsessed with names of animals, people, etc.  He asks, “Whats his name?” about every puzzle piece, stranger we meet, tv character.   Problem is he remembers their names and calls me out on it when I give them a new name.

Mommy, Daddy

When we ask Charlie what our real names are – this is his reply:

  • NeNe – “Dan Parmer”
  • MawMaw – “Karen Parmer”
  • Papa – “Frankie Cottle”
  • Grammy – “Marianna Cottle”
  • Chad – “Daddy Cottle”
  • Me – “Mommy Cottle”

Upon meeting new people

“Woody Buzz Tiny Big”  – Charlie says this everytime we see a new person (he especially likes to say it to people in check out lines)!  I then have to interpret with “Charlie has 2 kittens.  There names are Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  We rescued them when they were tiny, but now they are big.”  We have made a lot of friends-hehe!!

I love having a Two Year Old!!!! 



  1. I am trying to think up a “knock knock” joke to teach him!!!! LOVE THAT BOY!!

  2. I laughed so hard at his knock knock joke he told me on the playground. I wish everyone could have heard it the first time. It went like this…

    Charlie: “Knock, knock.”
    Me: “Who’s there?”
    Charlie: “Birdhouse.”
    Me: [confused, wondering where this is going] “Birdhouse who?”
    Charlie: [Smiles, doesn’t say a word]
    Me: Charlie, there is no punchline is there?
    Charlie: [sheepishly] “Nooo….”


  3. I am so hoping that there will be a blog about your good fortune in having your little brother at your house for the next month!!!!

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