Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 17, 2008

Vowels of the OT

Mom, Grandma, Charlie and I set off for Augusta Friday morning for a Family Reunion.  It was not well attended (probably because it was outside and HOT).  BUT . . .  We had the best time with our cousins.  We stayed with my mom’s cousin and his wife and 3 boys!  The boys are almost 2, 4, and 6.  Richard and Julie are the best parents!  The boys are so sweet and very active, especially the baby!!!  Cousin Anna was there to help too!  It would have been a perfect weekend if Kelly and Sam could have been there – we sure were sad they were in Mexico and couldn’t come.  Dad and Chad we missed y’all too – but are thankful that y’all were entertained by Uncle Mark!!!

We got back to LG just in time for church and then lunch with Daddy and Chad! 

Isaiah and Abram both play TeeBall and we got to see each of them playing!  I was so proud of them and they did a great job.  Here are pictures of the atheletes and their cheering squad during the game.

Charlie hugging the star of the game, Abram, age 4, while Big Brother Isaiah watches on!

Isaiah is a good big brother and he sure did love on Charlie! 

Isaiah, age 6, talking with his Dad between innings!  His dad was a phenomenal player and does a great job helping his boys!

The rest of the crew (and 2 new friends) playing in the dirt cheering during the game!

Charlie had Popcorn for the first time and LOVED it!!! He shared a bowl with his cousins and watched Toy Story – A Dream Come True for him – all of his favorites!!!

Isaiah, Charlie, Abram, and Ezra enjoyed playing Dress Up first thing Saturday morning!  Charlie was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (surprise, surprise), Isaiah and Abram were Flash and Dash!!  Ezra mainly played with the Transformer Helmet!!



  1. Loved the photos. I actually had many of those same ones printed. I am making a scrapbook for Julie and Richard as a thank you gift for the weekend.

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