Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 4, 2008


My mom and I had the chance to spend the day Monday at the Mart!  We had so much fun.  We use to go all the time and even worked there for a summer or two!  GiGi kept Charlie and what was suppose to be a short trip quickly turned into all day.  My mom and I got a few wedding gifts and books for Charlie at the Gift Mart, but we had the best time at the Apparel Mart.   We went to get some Monogrammed Shell jewelry for my mom’s friends.  My mom and I both have a couple of sets and we always get so many compliments that they had asked for a necklace too!  I wanted to see if any of my friends were interested as well – – – I have listed some pictures with prices if anyone is interested.  They are so cute and they would make great Mother’s Day Gifts!  The Pendants have a clasp and can be easily moved from necklace to necklace. 


$30.00 Total ($20 Pendant, $10 Necklace)


$30.00 Total ($20.00 Pendant, $10.00 Necklace)


 $30.00 Total ($20 Pendant, $10 Necklace)


25.00 Total (20.00 pendant, 5.00 leather chord)


$30.00 Necklace Total ($20 pendant, $10.00 necklace)


Pendant and Necklace $30.00 each ($20 pendant, $10 necklace)


Pendant $20.00, Satin Chord $5.00 – Total $25.00


Earrings $20.00

I also got several sets of the Shell Jewelry for Spring and since LG doesn’t have alot to offer in reasonable accessories – I thought I would share. . .

The Sets are $7.00 and include earrings and a necklace.  Here are some pictures   . . .           





These are just a sample of what I have.  I have similar designs in multiple other colors.

I also have Jewelry sets for $5.00 that include earrings and necklaces.

Please let me know if you are interested . . .




  1. I love those! I love the Georgia one – that is too cute! And $7 for a set? You can’t beat that!!

  2. Katie,
    I am definitely interested for M-day gifts. I know you will be at the beach for a little while, so let me know when we can get together or do you just want me to look at the pics and email you what I want from there?

  3. I am very interested. I will call you in a bit. Jenna Conrad is here to play!

  4. Would most definitely love one!

  5. Hey Katie, I would like to order a few things for Mother’s Day. I’ll get with you at church tomorrow. Thanks! Deborah Brannon

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