Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 21, 2008


 Our Weekend at a Glance . . .

T – Tradition – We are having Hudson’s BBQ at Charlie’s Party.  It is a Cottle Tradition to have their yummy bbq everytime we come to visit. 

G– Gifts – That sounds bad, but Charlie’s Party is tomorrow and I know he will get a gift or two.  We have debated the “no gift” policy for Charlie’s birthday, but we just aren’t ready for that yet.  For one thing – people who love Charlie like to get him little treats and they should have the right to do that.  When he is older I would love for him to choose to give to others for his birthday and have the gifts be given to a certain family/organization/church.  But, I want for it to be his choice.  It is our hope to raise him in such a way that he sees others’ struggles and pain and has a desire to help them in any way.  We’ll see how it goes . . .

I– Interesting – This weekend will definitely be interesting trying to balance all the festivities, plus my crooked back!  My inlaws and Corey will be here at lunch, Chad will be here at lunch, and the party crew will be here tomorrow for lunch.  Then as soon as Charlie’s Party is over -it is time for Easter.  I can’t believe Easter is here.  I feel so unprepared both physically (we haven’t even dyed the eggs) and spiritually (I keep thinking we have a couple more weeks). 

F– Family and Friends – We are so excited about seeing lots of friends and family Saturday for Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party (Dville Style)


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