Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 17, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

It is so good to be home.   Chad, Charlie, and I had the best weekend in Tifton.

Here are some highlights from the weekend . . .

  • Charlie’s Birthday was Friday.  We started out the day with My Lady Bakery donuts (to die for) and ended the day watching Toy Story, Charlie’s favorite movie.
  • Chad led a group of 8th grade boys for the weekend at FBC Tifton‘s DNOW.  He had a great time, but got ZERO sleep.
  • Chad preached Sunday morning at his home church.  He did an awesome job and the Lord was definitely at work.
  • I had the opportunity to attend a fabulous Sunday School Class for the 2nd week in a row.  It was so refreshing to study God’s word with other couples.  I am looking forward to getting back to my Kindergarteners Easter Sunday.
  • We went to the greatest Egg Hunt Sunday afternoon.  Charlie had so much fun and was oblivious to the fact he only got 2 eggs!
  • I hit up some great deals at CVS this weekend.  I will be sharing the deals soon.
  • Chad  had to meet with a student in Columbus on our way home and Charlie and I went to Toys R Us.  We stocked up on birthday and Christmas gifts . . . All Fisher Price Toys are BOGO (The first has to be 19.99 and above and the free one less than 19.99)  They also have ColorWonder 50%.  I love Color Wonder because they are mess free and great for travel!!!
  • I came home to a clean house!

A couple of downsides . . .

  • Charlie loved his Birthday so much that he stayed up most of the night Friday.  I’m not sure if it was the chocolate icing or the fact we were sharing a room – Not our greatest night!
  • I hurt my back on Saturday – no fun!  (Which is why I am sitting here blogging when I need to be unloading the car, but I have got to ice my back.)   I am just thankful that it has been 5 months since my last flare up.
  • I forgot to pick up Gracie on my way home.  Thankfully Chad said he could swing by and pick her up!
  • We were on the road to come home at 7 am this morning!

Once I get the car unloaded and things taken care of I will upload pictures and such!


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